Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gatsby Theme!

Thursday Night Bachelorette Party!

I wasn't too sure about this dress
but everyone seemed to like it and I got a ton of compliments on it!

Heather, Jessy and I before we headed out to meet the other ladies!

With the Bride-To-Be!!
I LOVED her dress.

Some Selfies...
Me and Bri and Me and Jess.

 The Bride with her Bridesmaids.

 Everyone had to get in one single one with the bride-to-be!

And Some group Shots!

We didn't do anything crazy!
It was a Thursday night, lots to still get done for the wedding and rehearsal semi early the next morning.  We had yummy dinner, dessert and went to a bar near by for some drinks and
 chatting. Though it was low key it was nice to get to know all the girls and 
just be able to talk and have good conversations.

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