Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gymnastics Meet

Classic Gymnastics -
End of the year Meet!

Bars - 7.64 - last place
Beam - 8.1 - 2nd place
Floor - 8.0 - 3rd place
Overall - 4th place

Warm ups and being introduced to everyone watching!

Some action shots of her on the bars!
We thought she did great!

 That smile on her face, lights up my world!
To see her be proud of herself and excited, 
makes me one happy mommy!

It is awesome that in just a few short weeks,
they can remember these 3 little routines!

It is so nice to see how much progress she has 
made throughout the different sessions!

 I love that she loves gymnastics!
Maybe I can get her to love cheerleading too!

So Proud Of This Girl!
Love that Beam on her face!
Makes me happy to see her smiling,
a very big smile! 

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