Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day '13

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a pretty busy day...

Breakfast at grandma and grandpas house
Playtime there for a little while
Zoo with grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Adam, Auntie Heather and the kids
Dinner with great grandma & grandpa, grandma & grandpa and auntie and uncle and the kids!

 Some photos from our morning before the zoo!
We had fun playing outside and teaching the girls how to hit some birdies! 

 Zoo seemed to look super busy but the indoor areas were not busy at all!
The girls loved seeing the Monkeys and the Baby Monkeys!

 Some pics with grandma and grandpa!
Ceci slept the first half hour we were there so I didn't get many pictures of her!

Turtle Ride!

Grandma Judy came along as well, always great to see her!
This is my sister in laws mom :)

 My girls love their little cousin!
Luckily Alex is gentle with him and he loves to smile at Avin. 

One decent picture of me and my girls!
The crazy two that make me a mommy!

 We went to Great Mandarin for Dinner!
Always so yummy but the kids got a little stir crazy and I took them out to the sitting area
in the mall and let them run free for a bit, and had them sit for a few pictures! 

Hope Everyone Had A Fantastic Mothers Day!
Wish All My Siblings and All The Little Ones Could Have Been There!

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Paige said...

Love all of your photos! Happy Mother's Day!