Friday, May 31, 2013

One Giant Step!

We finally made it!

I don't do potty training, in fact I hate it.
I believe they will train themselves when they are ready!

I remember trying to push it with Alex and cleaning up so many messes,
feeling stressed and frustrated and giving up and
 going back to diapers a few different times!

She would go a few times for her dad,
but as soon as she came home to me she had no interest!

Then finally ONE DAY... it just clicked with her!
We have had maybe two accidents total.

The second day of her being in underwear we hit up the 
Mall Of America and she didn't have one accident!

No one wants to clean up pee on the floor,
or do loads of laundry from accidents, or poop in underwear!

 Thankfully.. no accidents and still
wearing diapers at night time,
though she gets through naps just fine!

It's nice, actually it's great,
that Chad and I can come together, work together,
and parent together while apart.  Not gonna lie, she does
 things much more willingly and easily for him!

So Proud Of You Little Lady!!!
So Glad To Be DONE With Diapers!

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