Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Six and Three

6 and 3
though sometimes it seems as though the
 3 year old is the big sister!

The bond they have is simply amazing!
Though they fight the love they have for each other is something 
great to experience and watch grow.

How they care for and about each other.
From hugs and kisses and sharing tears because the other is hurt!
From lending a hand or an arm to pull one another along!
From snuggling on the couch in the morning and sharing breakfast!
From encouraging each other and get excited about what each one can and will do!

Hopefully they continue to grow together..
Continue to laugh together..
Continue to lean on each other..

 Oh how I adore these pictures of my girls together!
Took me a whole 10 minutes to capture this little moment between the two of them!

 "Sisters are the perfect Best Friend"
I truly hope that's what they become!