Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wedding Day ... Getting Ready!

We had a pretty late night on Friday night.. 
dinner, drinks and great company = time flying by!

We didn't have to be awake too early and well we didn't have
 to get ready so that made waking up a whole lot easier! 

 The Bride getting all dolled up for her big day!
Was so much fun being there, with her, watching her get ready and just enjoying the
 time before walking down the aisle to the man of her dreams!

I also can't even begin to tell you the amazing friends she has.
This girl and her man have surrounded themselves with some of the best people I have ever met!

It was nice to be able to meet these girls for the first time
and have a BLAST!  To walk into a room and not know what to expect
  and have everyone be so friendly and fun was amazing!

Some finishing touches.
Every little detail matters
 ( and she had every detail planned out perfectly )

 A gift from the groom to the bride..
some very beautiful earrings!
In a pill box, she is a pharmacist.

 A gift from the bride to the groom...
a very nice watch!
Loved this watch and its color.

Steaming the dress before she gets into it!
This dress took A LOT of steaming...

And getting the bride into her dress.
Jer did not see Bri before the wedding! 

 And some fun ones before we all got ready to walk down the aisle 
and watch Jer and Bri say their vows!

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