Saturday, June 22, 2013

Slumber Party!

While I have to say I took on a big task for Alex 1st ever sleep over at her own house.
She has had one other sleep over before this one.

We invited around 12 girls and 7 showed up.
5 stayed the night and 2 came to play.

We had Pizza, Sundaes, Movies & Popcorn planned out.
The Park and Sprinkler were also on the list.

Pillow Fights, Chalk, Dance Party and High
 Pitched Screams were an added bonus!

 They LOVED making the sundaes.
Carmel, Fudge, Sprinkles & Cupcake Flavored Toppings.
They were chanting.. ..BEST SLEEPOVER EVER!

We rented the movies Escape From Planet Earth and Frankenweenie.
They ended up watching Brave.. A Movie we already had, go figure.

All the girls ready for the movie to start.
We went from Crazy to Settled in a matter of minutes!

 We had donuts and juice boxes in the morning.
Kept it EASY!

They played outside for awhile in the morning, played soccer in the house and made
up dance routines until each and every little one was picked up.

Alex had a blast.. I did too!
Love seeing her interact with her friends!

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