Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Falls

 Today we got to hang out with my dad.
We didn't see him on fathers day because my girls were with their 
dad so we decided to plan it for this Sunday.

We started off at Perkins for some breakfast and then headed to Minnehaha Falls.
It was busy, the weather was great and the water was FLOWING!

We did a lot of walking.
The girls did great, walked a lot and got held a little!

Love the pictures of the girls holding hands.
my girls are lucky to have an auntie like Heather
and a grandpa like papa Dan! 

I love being so close with my sister in law
and I love that our kids are growing up together
and spending as much time together as they do!

 Leaning Over Checking Out The View!
That water was a moving.

 Quick family photo.
Tried to grab a few of Ceci but she wouldn't show that smile!

 Love seeing my dad as a grandpa and my brother as a dad!
Some of the best feelings in the world come from watching my dad bond with my girls,
and my brother bond with his kids as well as with my girls!

The girls!
So lucky to have her as a sister in law.
My brother couldn't have picked anyone better or more perfect for him or us!

Snapped a few in front of the waterfall.
They don't have many family photos
We need to work on that!

Alex posing for a few pictures!

Avin got down to her undies..
her dress was getting wet in the water and she wanted to play!
Who was I to stop her from fun?

Ceci wasn't sure at first but quickly warmed up and was loving it.
She had to loose her diaper because she was getting all wet.

 Well Ciro was unsure about it all and ended up on Grandpas lap
just checking everyone out.

My Girls!!
Always climbing and checking things out.

Hope Everyone Had A Fun Sunday!
We sure did and are heading to Grandma Char and Papa Jacks for dinner now.

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