Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Day At The Zoo

We packed up, picked up my mom and headed to the Zoo!
We met up with my sister in love, her two little ones and the little one she
 watches as well as Natalie and Harrison!

Here is the "walking crew"
minus the two babes that just enjoy the ride!

 They were all about the pictures at first..
of course.....

It was a stormy morning..
a muggy and hot afternoon..
with a cool breeze at random...
we couldn't really complain!

 Ceci, Avin and Alex watching the Penguins! 
Ceci was so happy to be up on the big rocks watching them.

 So much fun seeing Harrison and Natalie.
We sure do miss him around our house every day.

 Some randoms throughout the day!
Really need to get better at taking more randoms...
but to me they just aren't as great as posed...
most the time!

We love the zoo because of the splash pad and play area.
So nice after walking around the zoo to be able to eat lunch
and watch the kids run around having all sorts of fun!

And a few from my phone.
Glad I got into one picture!

We had a blast, such a fun day..
Can't wait for more adventures this summer!

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