Monday, July 1, 2013

Girls Camping Weekend 2013

Last minute I got invited to head out with these lovely ladies for a weekend of camping and girl time!
No kids or boys just gossip, food, drinks and relaxing!

We got a little rain and an amazing little rainbow
but that didn't stop the fun!

 We played some "Cards Against Humanity"
which was a very entertaining time!

 We became grill masters!
Grilling hot dogs is a hard thing to do.

We played Volleyball for a good 5 hours on Saturday and it was an absolute blast!
Drinking, catching some sun and playing a game I love..
Don't forget about all the laughs we had while doing it!

The weekend was a blast.
Hopefully we make this a yearly thing.. if not more!

Thanks Kel for planning it and allowing us to use your camper.
Can't wait for next year!!

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