Wednesday, August 14, 2013

3 weeks out of the summer...

my girls got to spend some alone time with grandma!
These two little ladies are extremely lucky that grandma can take time off of work
 and concentrate on them and making memories.

They spend a ton of time at the lake, hit up the zoo, swimming lessons, 
walks / bike rides, and seeing all sorts of family.

loved getting the pictures above and seeing the girls with all of these cousins!
They are all getting so big, I haven't seem them all in a year or more now.
Looks like that had a blast at the zoo. 

All alone, both girls!

Loved when Avin got home and how many times she has told me that she went tubing all alone and made grandma get off.  Love seeing her so proud of herself and of course how could we not all be proud of her.  Anything her sissy does, she has to do!

Spending time with Neese!
These girls don't just have an amazing grandma but an amazing Aunt that just adores them!
I can't thank her enough.. for how great she has been with my girls and how much she still makes me feel included even when I am not there with sending me pictures, absolutely love when I open a text message from her and see my girls having the time of their life!

Not to mention the two beautiful ladies that Neese raised!
They adore my girls and my girls adore them!

The snap chat photos Katie sends of Avin sprawled out on the bed just passed out, the time they spend doing the girls hair and nails and the photos she sends and puts on facebook make my day and I appreciate more then I could ever express. 

 Spending the day in Alexandria with Neese and Grandma!
ran out of bread.... "we need more because they were so hungry.... they are starving!!!!" - Avin

Missing out on making these memories with not only my kids but also Darlene literally eats me up inside.  As weird as it may be or sound I would love a week with those 3 in the summer, I miss that a lot, I miss her a lot.  I couldn't have asked for a better mother in law and my girls couldn't get any luckier with their grandmas.  So glad that they are able to do this with her and with some family.  

When my girls are older and look back at their childhood these are the memories I want them to remember, the traditions I want them to have and the things I want to be important in their lives.  Family is the most important thing to me and I hope that it will be for these little girls.

I miss Chads family way more then I would have ever expected.  
I am so thankful that any time I have seen them sense the divorce they have been nothing but welcome and had open arms for me and smiles on their faces even though the reasons I have gone back have not been happy times they have still made me feel loved and I couldn't be more thankful. 

Thank You!!

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