Monday, August 19, 2013

Have You Seen My Child.....

I am sure many parents ask that question when they are at this park.
It has so many different areas in which your child could get lost, stuck, 
trampled on or just a place to hide from mom or dad! 

These girls having a blast together no matter where they are.
It has been a fun summer with Alex making our neighbor across the street her best friend!

We drag her along with us on some of our adventures...
Her mom and dad watch the girls if I wanna hit up the gym or run an errand solo...
works out very nice!

My two little blonde beauties!
Not much could brighten ones day more then those smiles!

 Round and round we go....
when it will spill.....
no one knows!!!!!

Cousin Love!

 Love that we are able to spend time with Luca so often and watch him grow!
He loves exploring, watching all the kids and eating.

 It has been so much watching this little lady grow up and explore the world.
She can be so cautious at times and this year she has really started to step out of her comfort zone, get dirty, wet, scream, take risks and just enjoy life!

 Summer is coming to an end.
I think we are ready for school to start.
Routines, Gymnastics, Church, Early Bed Times.... 
Yup I am ready!

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