Friday, August 30, 2013

What The Hell Is This....


I decided on Thursday night after seeing these two spots grow and spread and talking with a few people to take Avin into Urgent Care and figure out just what was going on.  

We thought she had fell off her bike and gotten the scrap on her knee but it sure wasn't looking like a scrap anymore and the one on her arm was just gross and looked like a burn.

We sat at Urgent Care for over 2 hours and the Doc there really had no answers for us and wanted us to get an appointment to see a dermatologist. The issue was we wouldn't be able to get in right away and he wanted us to go to the hospital if they couldn't get us in at the start of the week.

They took her blood, finger prick and Avin was so worked up but once it was happening she just wanted to watch her blood come out.   All her levels came back normal which was good!

 I knew it was causing her discomfort, keeping her up or waking her up at night and it was only getting worse so I made phone calls in the parking lot of Urgent Care to the Children's Hospitals to see what ones had the right doctors on for us to head in that night. 

My mom met me at Urgent Care and took Avin and I to Children's to get answers that night.  I hated seeing the doctors face look all puzzled, I needed answers to put my mind at ease.

We got to Children's and got let back into a room right away and within 10 minutes Dr. Skrainka saw us and within minutes he diagnosed her with Impetigo Staph Infection. Those this all happened fast we where still there for over 2 hours.

She was put on Clindamycin and Mupirocin and set on her way with no restriction.
We are going back to the doctor on Monday for a follow up.

It was a really long night.
With bad news all around, haven't cried that hard in a really long time.
Avin did so well even though she wanted nothing to do with the doctors.
I was really proud of her for that and thankful!

She hates the medicine so I just hope these 3 times a day for 10 days don't kill us both.

Thanks for all the sweet messages!
I appreciate each and every one of them!

This little one is a trooper.  Even with all this going on she is as energetic as can be and bouncing all over the place!  She has hardly complained unless it is really bugging her.
 She has always been a fighter!

Update : Saturday, August 24th 

Fever Spiked 101.3 and 103.9
Blisters formed around the infection on her arm

Update : Monday, August 26th

Took Avin into her normal pediatric doctor. 
They confirmed it was Impetigo and switched her meds because it wasn't getting better and was spreading all around and under her arm.

Nothing seems to phase her... she is her happy self unless something hits it!  She does complain a little at night about it hurting but that's about the only time you will hear her complain!

Update : Thursday, August 29th 

Back to the Dr.  After switching her meds it wasn't getting better, spreading and she started to get a little rash all over her entire body that just kept getting worse as the day went on.

The most frustrating thing for me is that we keep seeing new doctors, different doctors and non are specialist, but making calls she can't get into any specialist for weeks to come. It's frustrating because they all have different opinions and thoughts on what it is. 

So what happens now, we switch meds again because these two doctors now think its a Strep Skin Infection and not Impetigo Staph Infection.  It is a completely different type of antibiotic to fight strep over staph.. i guess...

It worries me, switching her meds so many times in just one week.
It worries me, that she is so small will her body be able to fight this off.

 Update : Friday, August 30th

I woke up this morning to her rash taking over her entire body.
  It not looking like a rash but just red all over her!

The main area that is infected seems to be drying up and not spreading..
So that's a positive....

My girl has been so strong through all this!
If you couldn't see it you'd have no idea she is sick!
So much energy and always a smile on her face!

 Progression throughout the week!

It looks so gross...
Feels so gross...
Is so gross...

Sometimes I don't know if I should scream or cry...
so I do both!


Kelly said...

So glad she is on the mend! No answers and long waits are no fun!

Unknown said...

So scary I've been there and yes I wanted to scream and cry.I hated that feeling of helplessness. I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Unknown said...

You seriously need to go to Mayo. U are not getting answers here and it looks like u went to children's already. With it spreading they are not treating her for the right thing.