Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Funday

When my mind is constantly wandering and my heart is hurting the best thing for me to do is stay really busy and that is exactly what the girls and I did today! 

Not only today but this entire weekend!
On Saturday the girls and I went to see Planes in the early afternoon and had a very fun play date / mommy gossip / dinner time with the Oxboroughs!

Avin woke up happy this morning, which was a first in the last 3 days.  She actually got some decent sleep last night and asked to take her medicine this morning!  Her fever stayed away all night and has continued to do so all day.

We got ready, picked up grandma and met grandpa at pinstripes for brunch.  They had a buffet, waffles, omelets and a chocolate fountain bar and much more!

After brunch the girls talked grandma and grandpa into a game of bowling.
My girls absolutely love to bowl and have such a blast.

Loving some special time with Grandma and Grandpa Bowling!
So glad I got the girls to actually take some decent pictures.

Love that my girls are able to spend so much time with grandma and grandpa 
and able to make millions of memories each year!

The girls where so goofy!
Bowling with their heads, bellys, back and of course their hands!

 Happy Girls means a Happy Mom!
No matter whats going on in my personal life, my girls are my number one priority and I will always put a smile on my face and make sure their days are happy and bright with new experiences and many memories.

 My world!

My mom, my best friend and the best grandma in the world.
Without her we would be lost!

After bowling we went over to Chuck E Cheese to use up some coins that my mom had from awhile back.  I really am not a fan of this place at all but the girls had fun playing a bunch of games and getting silly little prizes with their 100 tickets.

We couldn't stop there..
The girls and I hit up the lifetime pool for an hour to
 cool down and have some fun splashing around!

off to Volleyball....

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