Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1st day of First Grade

We had a rough start to the new school year!
Alex wanted NOTHING to do with her open house...
which is not like her at all!

Thankfully right at the time we where about to leave she cheered up.
She wasn't her happy self but she was talking to some of her friends and was smiling!

So THANKFUL that the actual first day of 1st grade was a different story.
Alex likes to sleep in... So I had to wake her up this morning.
I was happy for some morning snuggles with that pretty little lady!

I picked out a few different outfits for her to wear and she chose her favorite.
She wanted to shower and blow dry her hair.... that NEVER happens.

Mini photo session with my beautiful girl!

 A few poses, showing her sassy side...
Showing her 1st grade sign and talking to her dad on the phone.

and the send off...
never been one to get sad about my girls getting older...
honestly love watching them grow before my eyes and experiencing all these different 1st with them.
Seeing her smile like that just makes me beam inside and out!

Happy 1st day of 1st Grade Alex!!

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