Thursday, September 5, 2013

1st day of Preschool

With Avin having all her skin issues we sadly missed her open house for preschool so we kind of walked into her school not knowing what to do or what was going on!

Her preschool is attached to the high school, Chaska high school!

Her personality was coming through this afternoon getting ready for school.  
She was being all goofy, silly and sassy.
She was so excited to hold "her" sign!

Her school is about 5 minutes from our house,
we pulled in and she said, "whoa my school is already here and big!".

She was however sad that a bus wasn't coming to pick her up!
at one point she told me, "then I am not going!".

She went and was happy as can be,
sat right right down at circle time and started listening to one of 
the teachers read a book, my little lady is growing so fast!

If there is three things I hope she learns this year at preschool they would be...

1. Listening Skills - for both me, friends and other adults
2. Respect - This little girl can be so sweet but so sassy, respect is huge.
3. Picking Up - shes horrible at this, so anything learned will be great.

Happy 1st day of Preschool Baby Girl
I hope its wonderful!

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