Monday, September 23, 2013

A lot of firsts for me!

Another great weekend was had with Bob and his kids!
I feel so lucky that I have been able to have 2 great weekends, 
making some amazing memories with them already!

I was woken up early Saturday morning to some cute pictures of him and the kids out duck hunting!
His son Blake got the first duck of the season!
 Never thought camo looked so cute until I saw his kids all camoed out!

I absolutely love that he sends me pictures.
I love feeling like I am apart of their lives even when I am not there.
I think in the end being able to look back at all these pictures will bring back each time they spent together or we spent together, making memories!

I headed out to Bobs house on Saturday afternoon and was greeted right away by this cutie!
We hung out at the house, played catch, rode bikes, skate boarded and played with the dog before we headed out to the shed for a lot of fun!

Right away we got the ranger and the four wheeler going.
I am pretty sure Izzy and I went around the track 3 dozen times or more!
Sawyer Giving me a ride in the ranger, showing me how he does donuts and burn outs!

I wouldn't change it for the world...
her saying my name over and over,
her wanting me to ride with her, play catch with her or just hang out with her!

I wouldn't change it for the world...
when sawyer asks me to do the same things, though its not nearly as often,
I am soaking up every minute I can with them, bonding with them.

 I know they may not be my own but...
I love seeing their smiles, I love hearing their laughs...
hearing stories from their past, memories they have...
I love just hanging out and watching a movie with them...
I love sitting by the bon fire, izzy on my lap playing on the iPad...
I love playing catch, I love just sitting around watching them play...
and I absolutely love making new memories with them.

I love riding on the four wheeler with him!
Love the air blowing through my hair, holding onto him or wrapping my arms around him,
and just being that close while we cruise down the road or on the trail.

We shot guns for awhile!
I got to shoot at a target that was still as well as a clay pigeon that Bob had thrown in the air.
I hit 1 of the 9 that was thrown, I thought that was pretty good!

Was a blast watching Bob shoot, 
and hit just about everything he threw in the air or that was standing still!

I loved shooting the guns,
got a thrill out of it and can't wait to do it again.

Saywer helping his dad get the wood for the fire so that we could enjoy it that evening.
Their aunt and uncle, Karla and Dan came out to the shed that night for some 
hot dogs, smor'es and good conversation.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early, 
I am talking 5:30am to head out duck hunting!

All 3 kids, bob and I...
sitting around waiting for ducks.

Bob and Blake did the hunting,
both shooting one duck that morning,
Me, Izzy and Sawyer did the watching!

Though those two brought their BB Guns and shot at a few things,
as well as went out and searched for the dead duck their dad shot!

 It was actually very fun, relaxing and overall
enjoyable in my eyes.

Being out their with all of them,
made it a great experiance, something I def want to do again,
maybe even try shooting a duck next time!

We went back to the house, got cleaned up, had breakfast, watched a movie, 
and just hung out before we headed back to the shed for
 more four wheeling, ranger riding and shooting!

One of my favorite memories from the weekend would have to be the goodbye from Izzy...
she gave me not only the biggest hug once, but twice!
Something I will never forget...

I had yet again another amazing weekend with this man!
Sense day one we have been having a blast together, always laughing, smiling, 
being extremely open, having great conversation, experiencing new things, 
sharing our lives ( children and families ) with one another and over all enjoying each others company!

I can't thank him enough for the smile he has brought back to my face, the feelings he has brought back into my life that I didn't know I was gonna feel again and the excitement he gives me every day!

I love spending time with him and his kids,
and look forward to many more weekends with them!

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