Monday, September 9, 2013

Back At It!

Gymnastics started up again for both of the girls!
Last year they both went to Classic Gymnastics but on different days and times.
This year they go on the same night and time, its really nice for me and them!

They where both so excited to go.
They both absolutely love gymnastics.

They started gymnastics when they where really young
with grandma char at "my gym".

They where lucky enough to be able to go with grandma,
enjoy some one on one time,
and learn the basics of gymnastics.

I know they loved it,
and I know grandma loved it too!

 I knew Alex would be just fine, 
so I spent most the night watching Avin,
making sure she listened while capturing some 
super cute photos of her doing her thing!

 I actually enjoyed watching her,
I didn't have to tell her once to listen to her teacher,
she has come a long ways with her listening skills!

She did everything the teacher had asked,

I love when she does something she is unsure she is able to do,
when she instantly smiles because she has become proud of herself!

I love seeing my kids proud of themselves,
makes me proud and happy!

Just watching her go from one station to the next,
following directions perfectly,
smiling when she completes a task,
talking with her friends,
makes me so happy that she is able to be in gymnastics!

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