Saturday, September 7, 2013

Meeting his kids....

Scared, excited, nervous, anxious and ready where all emotions 
I was feeling while driving up to bobs place on Friday night.

Knowing that when I pulled in, I would be greeted by his 3 kids and himself,
this being the first time that I was gonna meet them, not only meet them but jump in the car for a 4 hour ride to his parents house, meet them for the first time and spend the entire weekend with them all.

I couldn't wait to meet them, couldn't wait to meet his parents, couldn't wait to watch bob as a dad and couldn't wait to see what kind of memories we could make that weekend!

But it's scary...
the way I saw it was that if we didn't get along or they didn't like me, it could have been the end for Bob and I, but I was only going to be myself and do what I would normally do with them or with my kids, no reason to put on an act when eventually they will see the real me.

The drive up was great!
Pretty sure the kids said my name 100 times but I enjoyed each and every single Erin out of their mouths!  We sang to country songs, talked about games and talked 
about what we where gonna do over the weekend.

It honestly did not feel like it was the first time that I had met them, which to me was great.
They made me smile and laugh and I loved that, they made it more comfortable for bob and I to be ourselves as well because they where themselves.  

we got up there late on Friday night and talked with 
his parents for awhile and headed right to bed.

We got to sleep in a little bit, have breakfast and me and the boys headed 
out fishing while Izzy stayed back with grandma and grandpa.

Loved fishing with the boys...
Blake catching a nice northern right away, though they 
didn't think that highly of it, I thought it was great!
Sawyer just dropping his line right next to the boat and 
literaly catching a sunny in minutes, one after the other!

We went back to bobs parents house for lunch,
then we all headed out for a boat ride and some tubbing fun!

Izzy was excited to "teach" me how to tube.
Right when we got the boat in Izzy, Sawyer and I jumped on the tube 
and trusted bob to pull us... Luckily he was pretty nice, only Sawyer went flying off!

After that round, Bob, Izzy and I went for a turn together with grandpa pulling us.
He was a lot nicer to us, not nearly as many turns and bumps.

Loved being out there with them, all of them...
the kids having a blast, the smiles and laughs, the screams of joy,
grandparents smiling watching their grandchildren having a great time!

We swam, jumped off the boat together ( loved holding Izzy hand while jumping off the boat ), splashed around in the water and just had a great time.  

We headed back to the house, showered and rested for awhile until we headed back outside for some games, playing catch and just hanging out before bobs aunt and uncle came over for hot dogs and s'mores around the fire.  

We stayed out there for awhile, just talking, sharing stories, making up stories, Izzy and bobs aunt singing happy birthday to anything and everything, the kids playing / wrestling ( loving those giggles and smiles ), and just relaxed.  

We brought the kids in and once they where watching tv/playing on iPad/sleeping bob and I headed back out to the fire to hang out with his parents.   I just sat back and listened most the time soaking in each and every story and just enjoying the laughs between them.  

His parents went in and Bob and I sat out at the fire alone.  I loved this part, its important to me to enjoy both time with him and our kids and family but also be able to sneak away for awhile and enjoy just him and I together.  We sat out there for maybe a half hour talking, laughing and enjoying each others company. I could have sat out there all night with him, it was relaxing and perfect.  

I loved this weekend, enjoyed it more then I could have imagined 
and I think things went way better then we could have planned.

I absolutely loved watching him as a daddy for the first time.
  He is goofy, fun, affectionate, serious at the right times and you can just tell the 
kids have a blast and look up to him.  he challenges them, allows them to experience things and pushes them, which in the end makes for big smiles, a ton of laughs and amazing memories.

I loved seeing his parents light up at the sight of their grandchildren,
the smiles on their faces and how much they appreciated all of us being there.
Family is so huge to me, so important that no matter what you make time and put in the effort to make memories with parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles.  I am so thankful they allowed me into their home and only hope that it happens more often then not.

I had a blast with him and his kids and his parents.
 I only hope they had just as much fun as I did and I only hope that we can do
 it again and again and again!  I can honestly say that I can see a life with him and with them
and adding my girls into the mix as well, its exciting and scary at the same time but I am soaking up each and every moment as best I can. 

I know that no one is perfect, but so far he seems perfect for me.

Sept 6th - 8th 2013

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