Friday, September 27, 2013

To The Zoo We Go

There are two things we always seem to do as a family,
when everyone is in town that is...

The Mall of America and The Minnesota Zoo!

 Cousin Love!
Missing a few but so happy and was so much fun to have this group together.

With this many kids around...
you know you are going to have a crazy good time...
or just go crazy!!


The Zoo wasn't too busy...
The kids got to run free and explore...
with someone running after them of course!

Kieran is fast...
One minute he is on your lap taking a picture and the next minute
 he is half a mile ahead with Lauren chasing after him!

I slacked this time at taking pictures...
the kids where so busy...
and never wanted to sit still!

My crazy Avin!
She is one ball of Sass and Energy!

Alex sure can be a little model when she
 wants to actually be in a picture!

Harrison gets to join in on the fun with family!
He was being brave and climbing and exploring
all over the big play area.


A few sprinkles, free roaming kids, active animals, lunch, a giant play ground
and family makes for a perfect day at the zoo.

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