Sunday, October 6, 2013

So Simple but yet so Perfect!

It's amazing,
 how the smallest things can make the 
biggest impact on your heart!

Before I met them...
I worried, over thought and maybe even stressed a little,
about walking into their lives and meeting them.

I knew what I wanted with Bob,
and by that I mean I have known I wanted to build a future with him...
I still do and its grown more then anything with meeting his kids.

But to me, meeting his kids could have changed everything between him and I.
Had they all hated me, disliked me, or just not clicked, I could have lost everything with Bob.

Crazy to say, or crazy to look at it that way,
but that's exactly how I looked it,
with him meeting my girls and me meeting his kids.

Luckily we have had a blast, 
every single time I have seen them,
and every single time he has been with my kids!

I was welcomed in his drive way by him and his daughter this past Saturday.
Not soon after his son came out with a smile on his face and handed me the necklace you see 
above hanging on my neck, my name with some pretty beads.

He gives it to me like its no big deal...
Though the smile on his face tells me he is proud.

Not to mention he brushes it off with his so sweet personality...
I saw them and just thought that I'd make Erin one...
Asking Bob how to spell my name and then mentioning he should have added a few more beads.

It's perfect...
No it's beyond perfect!

It's special when your own child makes you something...
but something about his son making me this necklace...
was something really special.

Thank You Sawyer!
You most definitely made my day!

 We had another amazing weekend together.  
This weekend was rainy and his older son wasn't feeling the best so we stayed in.

I mainly goof off with Izzy and Sawyer.
Playing a game of life, dodgeball, swinging on the swing set, playing with the dog, 
wrestling, taking a ride to look for deer, and watching a movie was what our weekend consisted of.

It was fun...
I had fun and from the looks and sounds of it they had fun!
I love the goodbye hugs, and the asking if I am coming to grandma and grandpas...
because thats the next place where memories are going to be made in two weekends!

"The moment may be temporary, but the memory is forever"

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