Friday, October 11, 2013

The Fire Station

These are the days I live for, look forward to and
 am so glad that I get to join in on.

This field trip I drove myself...
There is nothing like your daughter getting off the bus...
running and jumping into your arms because she is so excited to
 have you join her at the fire station.

3 Good Friends!
Liela, Alex and Meghan.

Meghans mom also joined in on the fun...
Gave me someone to gossip with!

They have 4 different stations...
The first for Alex class was the hose....
They loved that they each got a turn to spray this houses windows
and blow them open with the water!

They got to sit in and explore
the fire truck!

They also got to watch two movies about fire safety,
as well as strangers!


 They got to learn about a lot of the different fire equipment...
Different hats for different levels for fire fighters, cameras, fire gear, 
axes, gas masks and more!

 The questions the kids asked the fire fighters where so cute...
and how they answered some of the questions they where asked,
was hilarious! 

So glad that I got to meet some of Alex new friends
and put some faces to the names I hear so often.

Look forward to more field trips 
throughout the year with both girls!

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