Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Time Goes So Fast....

I remember the days when we could just sit around on the couch, throw in a movie, head out to dinner and actually enjoy some adult conversation when family was in town.

 Now that we have kids, and lots of kids in a short time frame, 9 under the age of 6...
we hit up the parks, restaurants that are family/noise friendly and hope that we can get in a few adult conversations here and there while chasing after kids!

But I wouldn't have it any other way!
We see some of my family 2 maybe 3 times a year if we are lucky...
and we soak up every single minute because one visit my nephews/niece can't talk or move and the next they are running with an amazing personality that has started to form!

 This little mans personality is out of this world.
I absolutely loved watching him the few days we got to see them.

His manners, how he shows his love, his smile, watching him play with my girls,
his desire to explore and take every thing in, his little voice...

I was lucky enough to be able to see them all a bunch of times.
We went to the park, the yogurt shop, had dinner at grandmas,
went to the zoo,took pictures and had lunch at fudruckers,
and went to breakfast at the original pancake house before they left.

We had so much fun and we can not wait until January.
Getting to see EVERYONE in Cali is going to be an absolute blast,
with millions of memories being made!

There just never is enough time with family!

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Kelly said...

Love the pics! You do such great work!! Such a cute little handsome little guy!