Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday Funday

Sunday morning the girls and I headed to Pinstripes...
we met grandma and grandpa for Brunch and Bowling!

We love there brunch...
and it is even more fun to end it with bowling!

The girls love to bowl.
They get silly and figure out different ways to get 
the ball rolling down that lane.

From running far away and pushing it...
throwing it, kicking it, using their heads
and spinning, they manage to get it down the lane.

Grandma and Grandpa cheered them on.
I bowling one game and the girls bowled two!

It takes a full game just to get warmed up...
and well bumpers are a big help!

 A big sister is a great help as well...
and sometimes a little too much help!

 Over all it was a blast...
the girls loved it...
and we can't wait to do it again!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a 
very fun Sunday!

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