Friday, November 15, 2013

The Number 25...

I've seen this all over Facebook...
and I was given the number 25!

I figured I would do it as a blog post...
well because then it is here forever!

1. There is no doubt I love pictures ( I am a photographer ) but lately I have become obsessed with capturing every moment.  Not only have I become obsessed but I want them printed and framed.  My house went from 5/6 frames to 30+ frames with pictures that bring me so much happiness.  Just looking at them and reliving the memories can change your mood from bad to good or put a smile on your face!

2. I love Pop... Mt Dew, Root Beer ( with chinese or mexican ) and Coke Zero... My Favorites! I drink way way way to much pop every day, its a horrible habit, one I break down and take care of for awhile but I always end up back to my pop drinking ways.

3. I hate confrontation... If I can avoid it I will.  Sometimes I wish I loved it because sometimes I wanna run my mouth like there is no tomorrow ( and I do to my close friends or my mom, who really aren't the people I should be running my mouth at, but venting is good ).

4. I love cuddling... touching, being in his arms, hearing his heartbeat, feeling him breath, taking in his smell... it is addicting and I don't think I will ever get enough of it. But cuddling is good, its relaxing and takes the stress away even if only for a matter of minutes!

5. I am left handed but I think I play some sports right handed.. I don't know golf and baseball confuse me when it comes to what hand is what. ( blonde moment ). If you put your left hand in front or on the bottom and look out at the field and stand on the left side of the plate are you batting left or right handed... yeah I just asked that question...

6.  I would much prefer large groups over small.  I hate being the center of attention and I love being able to mingle around a large group and get out when I want without those long good byes then be around small groups. Though I don't want to speak in front of any type of group. And I enjoy both because I love being around friends and family.

7.  I am not a cook.. I hate cooking... sucks to be my boyfriend ( who wants home cooked meals ) :)... if he wants to cook with me and make a meal together then I am all for it.. but really I just suck at it so I don't enjoy it.  Practice makes perfect though right so I should start practicing more! 

8.  I love to read... but I have no made time for it recently and it kind of makes me sad.  The Hunger Games, Twilight, Fifty Shades Of Grey, True Blood Series, It Girl, The House Of Night... I love to read series and I need to find some new good ones... recommendations anyone?! 

9.  I have all these ideas I want to do on Pinterest... but they take time and energy and a creative mind... not to mention money! But gosh would it be fun to have a house full of things done and created by yourself or with your family or friends.  One day my house will have some of that stuff.

10.  I am sensitive.. holy shit I am sensitive.. like I cry and I mean I cry over the stupidest things... I worry about everything and I overthink every single thing that happens or goes on in my life.  But thats me and it makes me who I am.  

11.  My dream job would be to either 1. work with animals at a zoo ( like tigers or bears or lions or wolfs ) or 2. work for the CSI or the Police and take pictures of a crime scene ( dead bodies, murders you know ).  

12.  I am obsessed, yes obsessed with the thin t shirts from Victoria Secret. I have it in red, black, white, purple, light pink, teal, grey... I want it in every color possible.. So comfy and cute.  I wear them to bed every single night but I also wear them out around town.  I need it in Green, and Neon Green and Neon Yellow, and violet ! 

13. My shoe size is 7.5 .. so that means I can still fit into kids shoes.. which means I can save money on things... which means sometimes the price I would pay for an adult size is sometimes half the price for the kids size so why not buy two!!  Not to mention when I buy some boots in kids size they fit better cause I am short and they don't come up so high! 

14. I love bedding.. for me and my girls.. If I had the money I would buy new bedding 3 or 4 times a year.. because my goodness it makes a room so cute... I just love it.. but I don't buy new bedding often... I just love and wish and want!!  

15.  I am happy to announce that I am finally ok admitting that I won't be having any more babies.  I always thought I would have 1 or 2 more but that changed recently and I couldn't be happier with whats to come in the future!!  So I guess now I will just be snuggling the babies of friends and family. which is more then ok with me!

16.  I post a lot on instagram... way more then I should but I love it and I wish more people where on it.. cause I love seeing others lives through pictures!!  Sometimes Facebook just isn't enough! 

17. I am in love with the color teal or aqua or mint green... yup so pretty love those colors . I am not a pink fan but its making its way into my life way more then I ever thought.  

18.  There is nothing better then seeing the people you care about smile.  I love being the one to make that person smile no matter how big or small.  Smiling is contagious and I think being happy is too.  

19.  I wish I had way more family traditions... I plan to make more in the future.. even simple things like baking cookies during the holidays, Elf on a shelf, movie night, breakfast with santa, severs corn maze... There is nothing better then spending time with family and making memories.. and with family traditions it gives you things to look forward to as well as look back on.

20.  I never believed in soul mates until now. I never really believed that one person out there could be meant just for me and I for them but a lot of those thoughts have changed in the past few months. 

21. I am growing my hair out... boyfriend likes it long, I have always wanted to try long hair so I guess now is the time.. but I am at that stage where it hits my shoulders and flips out.. driving me crazy!!

22.  I hate laundry... wish I had little helpers that would just do it for me over night.. and socks are my worst nightmare, always missing 1 or 10.  

23. I feel prettier / more beautiful now then I ever have in my life! 

24.  I hate when people disappear mid text conversation... or when they send a text asking a question and then don't respond for an hour or more... 

25. I am a big time daydreamer.. I day dream about everything but mostly about how i see my future and what I want ... from dates to family events to a wedding to normal weekends... :) I love to daydream. 

26.  I love being in love... everything about it is amazing

27.  I love blogging.. so glad that I have started to blog again!!  It is so fun to look back on and I know my girls will appreciate it one day!