Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Alphabet Parade

This school year the entire 2nd grade had an "Alphabet Parade" 
Each child got to pick a word and make a costume based on that word.

Alex narrowed it down to a few words,
we checked online and Pinterest for ideas,
and we went from there.

I am not very crafty so this project made me a little worried!
Thankfully Grandma Char can sew, she brought our flower idea to life.


There where so many awesome costumes!
It was pretty cool to see all the kids ideas come to life.

You could tell the kids that put a lot of time and effort into their costumes,
I personally enjoyed the ones I knew the child and parent worked on together.

They got to line up and travel around the entire school...
Kids from each grade sat outside their classrooms watching the parade!

It was fun listening to the kids talk about the different costumes,
guess the word for the costumes and just overall get excited for the kids!

Im so thankful I got to be there for the parade,
thankful for a grandma who is always willing to help,
and thankful that Alex loves when I am able to join in on fun school days!

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