Sunday, December 14, 2014

Breakfast with Santa

Every year my family goes to Olympic Hills, a golf club my parents belong to and we have Breakfast with Santa.  It used to really cater to the kids with music and games and a visit from Santa.  This year they took away the music and games and allowed families more time with Santa, a personal session.

We as parents are responsible to bring gifts from "santa" and last year and this year we did unstuffed build a bear animals.  After we where done with the breakfast and they received their gifts we took them to build a bear to stuff their animals.  Its a fun and interactive gift!  

This year they had live reindeer that gave the kids a little sleigh ride!  
It would have been a lot more magical had there been snow and not construction going on but the kids thought it was pretty cool / neat!  


I absolutely love traditions as a family and I love including bob and his kids in on them with us.  I can only hope as time goes on that we build our own traditions as well as continue on with the ones my family has always done.  

Ornaments ...

This was the first year we had a real tree as a family.
I have always wanted to cut down a tree with the kids but that didn't happen this year, next year for sure!  I settled with stopping at Home Depot with Bob and picking out a tree.  He always had a fake tree and well I just love the idea and smell of a real tree!  So thankful he takes on my crazy ideas, as we walked through the woods up at the cabin with no luck to find a tree. 

We have a little tree for the kids room that they get to decorate and then we have the tree in the living room that I have picked out most of the ornaments, I call it the nature tree!

Each year I want the kids to make a new ornament to put on the "nature tree".
Another tradition that they will love and can help deciding what ornaments to make.
This year we did crayon shavings with their initials on them.

I also made glitter ornaments with each kids name on them to go on the tree!

The holidays come and go so quickly and so much of it is tied up in buying gifts that these traditions are so nice to have with our small blended family as well as our extended families.  

Christmas time can be so stressful but taking the time to be with and enjoy family has to be one of my most favorite times of the year.  

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