Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Alex and Izzy where lucky enough to spend an afternoon with a couple horses. 
We signed them up so they could learn a little bit more about horses,
and what kind of work goes into owning a horse.

They where excited and defiantly looking forward for this day.
We all didn't know what to expect,
but I was glad that only 4 girls where signed up.

They had to learn about the horses.
How to take care of a horse, brushing, their hoofs, feeding,
and even getting then all ready to be taken out for a ride.

I loved that they where able to lift the hoofs and dig out the gunk, 
put the saddle on and the reins that go with it,
as well as brush them. 

Horses are large animals,
they can be scary at times,
especially if you aren't used to them.

I would love to take the girls horse back riding, 
and would love for them to feel comfortable with being around them.

I know they wished that they had more time when it came to riding the horses.
They where anxious and wanted to get on the horses the second we got there. 
They weren't so excited about wearing the helmets, but safety first!

I hope to sign them up for something this summer,
if not a class at least a few riding lessons,
or just some trail riding.

I love seeing their smiles,
I love knowing that we can allow them to do these types of activities,
allow them to explore and figure out what they are interested in and what they love,
allow them to have fun together. 

I love that their school districts offer so many different things through the community,
not only do they offer a lot but its all for a great price.

I look forward to next year and signing the girls up for more after school activities,
allowing them to meet people, join friends in different activities,
and figure out what they are truly passionate about. 

Next year maybe Avin can join these girls.
I know she wasn't happy just watching!


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