Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ice Castle

Over my birthday weekend I planned a lot of fun activities for Bob, myself and the kids!
We hit up the Water Park of America on Saturday morning for half the day and it was a blast.  
Everyone had a fun time and I think 4 hours there was just the right amount of time but maybe next time we can get a hotel room and make it a night thing!  

After the Water Park of America we headed to fudruckers ( my favorite place for a burger and fries ) and had a late lunch / early dinner before we met up with my family at the Ice Castles.  

I was excited when I found out the ice castles where coming to Eden Prairie and knew it was something that I wanted to take all the kids with.  It was right in my parents back yard pretty much so I asked my parents and Brother and his family to join us!

It was busy that evening but the weather was really nice.  
I wasn't that impressed with the Ice Castles but the kids enjoyed it and it was a nice family activity.
It was cool to see all the ice, the lights in the ice, all the kids playing and the fire guys!


They even had some young ladies there dressed up as Anna and Elsa!
Of course the girls all thought this was pretty cool!

Grateful to have this time as a family and to be able to do these fun activities with our kids.
Nothing is cheap these days especially when you have a crew our size!
Cant wait for many more adventures and fun times with these guys!

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