Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Random Days At School

Ginger Bread Houses

One of my favorite things is taking part in my children's educations, the fun stuff atleast.
I am lucky enough to be able to get time off work to help out in the classroom.

Alex and I got to go grocery shopping and pick out some items for this fun day!
We bought frosting, flavored life savors, sprinkles and mini M&Ms.

I enjoy watching the kids imaginations come to life.
I love having them call my name asking me to come 
check out their houses they created.

It is always a blast listening to them chatter and communicate with one another.
The boys in her classroom this year where crazy and always had me laughing.

Another fun day spent at school with Alex.
Wouldn't trade these days for anything.

Soup Day 

Grandma and Grandpa got to take part in this day.
I love how involved they are with my girls.
I know it means a lot to all of them!

They got to school early that day to have lunch with both girls,
I always love hearing who sits with them when they eat with Alex,
its usually a group of boys who chat their ears off!

And I love when I get pictures of what they did that day.
Cutting up the veggies and putting the soup together.
Being able to eat the soup together when its cooked!

You can just tell how excited Avin was to have them there,
her smile says it all, she's so lucky!

Bingo / Bingo For Books

Maple Lake had a few different bingo nights that we took the kids to this year.
This was a fun cheap activity we all could take part in.

The 1st one was for fun and prizes,
they had popcorn, pop and lots of goodies to pick from.
I am pretty sure none of us won anything!

The 2nd one was for books and everyone won.
I mean everyone that joined in took home books.
This time was awesome and we must have walked away with 25 books.

We look forward to more of these next year and hope
 Annandale picks up on something like this!

Mystery Reader

Again my parents came to the rescue.
I am not one to read to a classroom of kids, but my Step Dad has no fear!

I asked them if they would want to go and be mystery readers and they didn't hesitate to say yes.
My mom set out to find the perfect book, "
After she found the book she made her own worm to bring as a prop.
And from there she also bought gummy worms for the kids as a snack!

I got an email from Alex teacher saying how much fun the class had that day.
And I got these images from my mom that she took of the kids!

 I absolutely love these days with my girls,
look forward to many more years of helping out in the classrooms.

We are all so thankful grandma and grandpa are able to join in on the fun as well.
And hope they continue to do so as the girls skip from grade to grade.

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