Friday, March 6, 2015

A Week of Dress As A ....

Pajama Day !!

Who doesn't want to wear Pajamas all day long?
Especially when we are all soft, comfy and warm!

Target had some great sales on Pajamas!
I stocked up but should have stocked up even more.
These are perfect for the cold winter nights,
and cute for pajama day at school.

Western Day !!

This was about as western as we could get.
Definitely need to get more prepared for next years western day.

Alex borrowed my cowboy hat,
Avin was post she didn't have one.
Both girls wanted cowboy boots,
neither one has them!

I still thought they looked western,
not to mention always cute!

Sports Day !!

I had to go out and buy these tank tops!
Shame on me for not having a single item of sports teams for the girls.
Time to stock up for this year: vikings, gophers, twins, wild,
anything we need some sports stuff around here!

One year they will be rocking their boyfriends jerseys!
Oh I can't wait for those days!
I thought they looked cute and they loved the tank tops!
Avin borrowed a twins hat, it was her turn because Alex got the cowboy hat.

( there wasn't a hat day, I dont think. but they had to have these camo hats at wal mart )

I think days or weeks like these are so important for the kids.
School is about learning, growing, making friendships and having fun.
I truly believe kids need fun days to keep the learning excitement going.

Luckily my girls both love going to school.
At this age I can't imagine them not wanting to be there.

Homework is not only getting tougher but longer for Alex.
She loves to learn but always wants to be at the top of her class.
Thats not a bad thing but she struggles if she doesn't do well.

Its days like these that remind kids school is also fun.
Learning and being challenged can and should be fun.

I can only hope they both continue to enjoy and love school!

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