Sunday, March 8, 2015

Little Old Cabin

When we are able to sneak away just the two of us,
we do so and take advantage of it!

We headed up to Bobs parents "little" cabin for Friday night, 
then went to his parents for Saturday night.

We spent Saturday just Bob and I four wheeling throughout
his favorites woods while everything was frozen and had a nice blanket of snow.

It is a tiny little cabin, one room with a double bed and a set of bunks,
a little kitchen area, table and a stove to keep it warm.

It was cozy and so peaceful and relaxing!
I read, we talked, watched a little tv!  

We started our morning off with anise breakfast,
made and packed our lunch then headed out for the day!

I truly enjoy watching him cook, clean or do any chores around the house.
Something so sexy and refreshing knowing a man can take over those duties!

We spent the day exploring and taking in all the changes of the forest.
Bob has hunted these forest for years as has his father.

We came into find the paper company has tore down a large part of the woods,
including where his deer stand now stands alone, without a single tree near.

I couldn't believe the piles of logs, I adore the picture above.
Though I know he cherished those woods and it was a sad day to explore that area.

We had lunch by a camp fire,
with little snow flakes falling from the sky.

It was the perfect spot for him to propose, but that didn't happen! 
A girl can dream right!

That Friday night, saturday morning, Saturday night and pretty much all day Sunday
I spent reading American Sniper.  It was a book that drawed you in right away and you didn't want to put it down, I loved it and I couldn't wait to see the movie.  The movie had come out that weekend!

Bob spent a little time on Sunday fishing with his dad while 
I spent time reading and hang in out with his mom.

We ended the weekend seeing American Sniper 
before we had to pick up my girls!

It was a perfect weekend!

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