Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Beautiful Night At The Park

When you have 4 children under the age of 9...
All in sports, activities and splitting time between their other parent...
Life gets busy, always rushing, never time to sit down for dinner...
It gets hard but thats life with 4 young kids.


When life gets in the way, we forget to just sit down and take it all in...
There is always multiple things that need to be done at the house or with work.
But we blink and these kids have grown inches, became a year older and much wiser.

We took my girls out of gymnastics for a month ( Izzy decided to be done completely ).
Baseball hasn't started for Sawyer for the summer yet.
So we found ourselves with a completely free Tuesday evening.

So rare and so refreshing as soon enough baseball would cover just about every Tuesday and Thursday with either practice or games.

We spent a couple hours at Alex and Avin school park.
Enjoy the sun while the kids played with their friends and each other.

We took them to Dairy Queen for dinner.
Then home for more time playing outside enjoying the evening as a blended family.

It is amazing how well they all get along.
Its amazing how they fight like siblings.
Its amazing the love they have for one another.
I sure do love watching their bonds grow. 

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