Sunday, April 19, 2015

Birthday and Communion

We started the weekend off with celebrating Bobs Birthday at his favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse!  Its a yummy place and he just loves the bread and cinnamon butter that they have!

The kids also love the place!  Root beet in a bottle, peanuts can 
be thrown on the floor, line dancing and more!

We went there to celebrate my birthday last year and Robert made me get on the Horse Saddle. 
There was no way I was letting him get away with not taking a spot in the hot seat!

I sure do love this man of mine, so handsome he is!
So glad to be able to celebrate his birthday with all of our kids and his parents!
Happy Birthday Baby!

1st Communion...

Sunday we celebrated Izzy 1st Communion.
It worked out perfect with having it be our weekend with the kids, Celebrating Bobs birthday and having his parents in town.  I even switched weekends so I had my girls, so we where all together!

We had a 4 step process on how to get her curly hair straight...
and we did it without any fuss, and it looked great!

When Izzy and I first talked about this day she wanted braids...
So I was glad when she was ok with just straighten it!

She looked so cute all dressed up in white!

It was nice to see all the kids a little dressed up...
and it was even more nice to see Blake for a little while!

Sure am glad he got into the pictures...
and we captured these silly pictures!

We ended a great weekend with pizza and hanging out as a family!  
We had a wonderful weekend with everyone together!
In the winters we don't get to spend much time as a fully blended family, so this was nice!

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