Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Woods

We had a kid free weekend and headed up to Bobs parents house and cabin to explore the woods!
I love heading up there and being out in the forest with Bob.

This place is so peaceful and relaxing.
I enjoy being out there, taking in all the views, trying out different trails
and even getting lost or muddy!

I giggle like a school year and smile from ear to ear while we are out there exploring.
When he gets us half stuck or all the way stuck, allows branches to hit my face, or gets us full of mud it is always a great time. 

No matter what Bob and I do together we are always having a great time.
We are always doing something new and he always challenges me in so many ways.

Its one of my favorite things, riding behind him on the four wheeler.
Sun beating on our backs or faces, arms wrapped around him!


He is in his own element when he is out in these woods.
Its amazing how well they know the trails and all the different ways to explore.

I love joining him out there, doing what he loves.
I love that he allows me to be there. 

We had to make a stop by Bobs deer stand while we where out and about,
crazy to see it standing alone amongest tiny little trees,
instead of covered and hidden in a forest.  

I even helped with the Beaver traps for the first time.
And we found this lovely dead beaver!

Always something new to learn and explore.
No matter how many times you've been to these same set of woods.

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