Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Arts & Academics Day

The kids had been working hard all year long.
In Art and Music Classes.

The school walls where filled with art work,
The glass cases where filled with different types of art work,
and the kids where ready to show it all off!

It was a beautiful sight to see.
So much creativity and imagination flowing the hallways.

Alex was so excited to show Avin and I all that she had done throughout the year.
We walked the halls and found her different art work.

She took us into the music room, the art room and her class room.
She talked about each art piece and smiled the entire time!

When your child is excited and proud of something they have done.
It sure makes a parent extremly proud.

We ended the morning in her classroom.
Looking at and listening to Alex talk about the different bugs they had in the room.
Mill Worms, butterflies... maybe more!

She has always been excited about school and enjoyed it.
I hope her excitement never goes away.

I love watching her grow, finding subjects she excels at!
This was a great morning spent with my girls.

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