Monday, April 27, 2015

Community Education

I will always encourage my children to try new things.
I will always challenge them to step outside their comfort zone.
I will always be there to cheer them on and support them.

So when the community education book comes out,
and my children can do sports samples, soccer, volleyball, art or science classes,
I'm going to encourage, challenge and sign them up for any and all possible.

Considering these are anywhere from 1 - 5 sessions
and between 15 - 35 dollars each overall class.
Its a no brainer but to let them explore!

Avin was signed up for the sports sampler.
Meaning she got to try a different sport each session.
Soccer, kick ball, the parachute, ghost busters and other games.

There was a mixture of 4, 5 and 6 year olds.
Boys and Girls ran around the gym!

It was a blast watching her fun around the gym.
Learning the aspects of the game or different sports.
Chasing the boys or hanging out with her girlfriends!

She's a natural when it comes to being active and sports.
She thrives to be competitive and aggressive! 

Next year she will be able to do more.
Another sports sample and hopefully soccer or even t-ball!

Alex took soccer again this year
and had a bunch of her friends on the field with her!

Notice above the girls all huddled together.
Group Hug!!

Alex is not aggressive by any means,
she would be great at soccer if she had a little bit more of an aggressive side.

I will definitely have her try it again next year.
As she has a lot more to learn about the game before she can really play.

The picture above is about as aggressive as she got,
she actually went after the ball here!

 There was many times I had to yell, 
"Move" or "Go after the ball"

To which she tried to tell me she was in her spot.
Well on a soccer field your spot moves girly and you gotta go after the ball.

She enjoys soccer and being outside, running and being active.
And thats what these community Education sports are about.

Exploring and learning a new sport,
being with your friends, and having fun!
All of which she did!

Alex loves sports and will find a sport she will excel at!
But she has a thing for art and music. 

I signed her up for one painting class.
She came out of the class room with this and was just beaming!
I started smiling instantly , I love this piece of art created by her!

I am excited for next year when I plan and hope to sign them both up for more
 activities within the community education program.

More art classes, more sports, the horse camp again as well.
I would love to try a few science classes and maybe even music! 

I am signing Alex up this week for the fall volleyball sessions.
and once the fall brochure comes out closer to the start of the school year
I hope to do many more sports, art classes, try a few science and hopefully music classes!

We truly love and enjoy the community education program here and all he has to offer!
Every parent should be taking advantage of these opportunities! 

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