Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Minnesota Zoo

I was lucky enough to get to tag along with Alex on her 2nd grade end of the year field trip to the MN Zoo.  We both where lucky that grandma Char met us there and joined in on the rainy day fun!

We got to spend the day with these 3 girls, my mom and Kassie's Mom!  
It was nice that almost every child had a parent with them and we where able to go off on our own with no agenda or plan. Having lunch when we wanted, spending as much time at each exhibit that we wanted, allowing the girls to do or eat special things as well was exciting!

I felt bad for the kids that didn't have a parent along.  I understand most parents have to work or things come up and people can't make it. I also know that with it being a 2 / 20 ratio with 20 kids having a parent or grandparent there, it must have made them a little sad their special someone could join them that day.  

We let the girls take a spin on the new carrousel.
At first they didn't seem to excited but they liked picking out their own animal to ride on and they asked to go again, but we had to say no and move along!  

We checked out the outdoor animals first as rain was coming, chances of it off and on all day.
We figured get out there while it was dry and look around the inside after lunch!

The girls all got to go on a camel ride!
They where so excited, if you can't tell by the smiles on their faces!

Alex and Licia asked to go again.  We told them no and that they should feel lucky to even go once as grandma and I have never even been and we are way older. 

The girls researched an animal during the school year.  
Each student was given an animal that was located at the zoo.
They put together a power point presentation with all the research they gathered.
They drew an image of their animal and the school got that image put on to a t-shirt.

Alex was given the Puma as her animal.
It was so much fun to learn about the animal from her and see her persentation.
I love the puma she drew on her shirt and she was so excited to see them at the zoo.

We ended the day with treats: Dippen Dots and Ice Cream!
Then a stop at the gift shop where Alex and Kassie picked out stuffed animals.
Alex was nice enough to pick out a cute giraffe for her sister!

It was such a great day and I know the girls had a blast!  
So lucky to have been able to spend it with them!

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