Sunday, June 14, 2015

All About The Memories

This weekend we headed up to the camper with all the kids!
Was the first time taking everyone up there together.

I was a little worried with the lack of space,
but luckily they just play outside all day and come into sleep!

The kids absolutely loved the Kayaks. 
It was so fun watching them cruise in them.
It didn't take them long and they all knew what they where doing.

Alex loved the little "turtle"
but she was also able to kayak.

These are definitely on our list to purchase.
Great idea for a Christmas gift!

The kids went out to the water trampoline.
Surprisingly they weren't so excited about this.

They lasted out there maybe 15 minutes.
Not sure they went out there again.

They spent hours in the sand, building towns and rivers.
Luckily they get along very very well and enjoy each others company.

They have formed bonds as siblings and friends.
I am not sure there is anything stronger. 

These kids look up to each other.
Confide in each other
Love one another.

There was a family of ducks that lived under the cabin.
You could feed them and get so close to the ducks.
The kids tried catching them.

We didn't bring our tube up that weekend.
We didn't think the weather would be nice enough.
Luckily they had one there we could borrow.

Only the girls went tubing.
Until Bob got on, no one would go with him.
He had a blast all by himself!

We had a very fun weekend.
The kids had a blast.

I could do this every weekend if the camper was just a little bigger.
I like my personal space, especially come night and mornings.  

But I enjoy making memories with these 4 kids and my love.
We have many more weekends and many more memories to make as a family.

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