Sunday, June 7, 2015

Camper Life

After a late night celebrating Spencer turning 21,
We took a mid day nap before heading up to the camper.

I love his snuggles and falling asleep next to him.
Something I will never get sick of.

We stopped at the Pickled Loon Saloon for dinner.
We decided that we wanted to try new places as often as we could.
We both had great meals and knew we would be back one day.

We went back on Saturday night for some live music.
It was raining all saturday and you can only sit in the camper for so long.
The music was good, people watching and some food makes for a great night!

Of course when there is no kids around we get in as much fishing as possible.
Bob usually goes out in the morning while I sleep, we got out again late
 morning and then again in the evening.

He could never get enough of fishing.
I enjoy it if the fish are biting. 

The weather was cool again this weekend and rainy.
It seems when we go up there we have one day of solid rain.

I dont mind it at all if its just Bob and I.
Means more reading, cuddling and watching movies!

It was perfect sitting under the awning,
listening to the rain fall while reading.

These kind of weekends are my absolute favorite.
Cooler and rainy weather makes for the most relaxing weekends.

I love my days and nights with my man!

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