Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fun and Fitness

Fun and Fitness 2015
2nd Grade

Monday was Fun and Fitness day for the entire Annandale Elementary School.  They had the day broken down into 45 minute slots for each grade to take part in 4 events.  100m dash, a game with the  a partner, tug of war and the relay.  Alex was looking forward to this day for awhile and was disappointed when it got postponed because of weather, but Monday was a beautiful day and the kids where all smiles.

Lets face it, it wasn't just the kids that where all smiles, the parents where all smiling while cheering on their 2nd grader and the other children that they knew.  Its such a great experience seeing all these kids smiling and excited to be taking part in Fun and Fitness and to see the parents that could make it there cheering and hollering.  

It actually made me teary eyed at times, watching Alex smiling so big, cheering on her friends and her classmates, genuienly wanting to do well but yet still competitive.  These kids need this, school isn't all about learning and tests but also about bonding with classmates, being supportive, including everyone and having a great time.  These days are important in my eyes, just as important as a spelling test or a state wide test. 


I loved this game: watching them work together, using their brains to think of different ways to carry the ball without using their hands, cheering each other on and each class wanting so badly to beat the other 5 2nd grade teams.  Some of the kids where fast and figured it out quickly the easiest way to carry the ball, others where goofy and tried silly ways.  Alex class tied for 1st place with 23 balls dropped into the goal within 5 minutes. 

Tug-Of-War was next and Alex class didn't last long.  They fell out of the running in the first round!  I remember telling Alex that morning that she needed to use her thighs and legs and really dig into the ground and lean back.  She was really excited for this event so I was bummed when they lost to the first class they went up against.  

I was yelling so loud, "Pull Alex Pull" ! 

  So I asked Alex Tuesday morning if she could hear me yelling pull during the tug of war and she smiled really big and said Ya I think everyone could hear you!! I was meant to be her personal cheerleader and supporter!

The event Alex was most excited for and possibly even a little nervous was the relay.  Each class had try outs or test runs and the 4 fastest girls and the 4 fastest boys where chosen for each relay.  Alex made the cut and she ran 3rd for her class.  They didn't get first place but you could tell she truly enjoyed herself and loved being able to participate in this event.  

Alex was lucky that Grandma and Grandpa got to come up for lunch before Fun and Fitness and that they where there to cheer her on during all her events. Ill never take for granted the time my girls get with their grandparents and it always is so much appreciated.   

Avin just loved being free and roaming around with her little friend while taking pictures of anything and everything, she might have cheered just a little bit for her sissy.  She did however have her own little hula hooping time at the end of the day.  I couldn't believe how good she was at it! 

Here she is with a few friends, Jazzy, Sam and Isabella!

I surprised her class with Dairy Queen Stars ( after talking with her teacher ) for a special treat after the big events.  They where all so excited and so apprecaiteive.  I enjoy so much hearing the kids giggles and seeing their smiles every day that I have been there.  I have been lucky enough to volunteer in the classroom, join in on ginger bread house making, show up for surprise lunch visits, join along on her field trip and lastly be there to cheer them all on at Fun and Fitness Day.  

I truly love that Alex enjoys school.  She wants to be there learning and spending time with her friends.  She enjoys a good challenge and loves knowing that she has improved throughout the year.  Its important to me that I can continue to be there to support her and Avin throughout their school years and I can't wait for next year to start up already. 

We love this new home town of ours and even though I was worried about moving out to the "country" and my girls starting a new school, I think this is a perfect fit for all of us and they have already made some great friends!  

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