Sunday, July 26, 2015

Travel Ball

During the summer, a few of our week nights are filled with Baseball. 
Sawyer made the 10u travel baseball team for Maple Lake this year.

Last year his team had a tough time.
When a team looses 99% of their games,
the children feel defeated and start to loose passion in the game.

This year was going to be a different story.
Sawyer was playing up an age level.
We had high hopes for a fun season.

His games and practices called on Tuesdays and Thursdays!
I was thankful for this because those are the nights we have the kids.

It allowed us to know what we would be doing each week and it 
allowed us to be at almost every game this season.

I enjoy routine, having days planned out,
and knowing whats going on.  

He had 4 different tournaments around the area.
3 of the 4 fell on our weekend with them,
Elk River, Maple Lake, Delano and State.

Tournaments are fun but man most the time the heat was intense. 
Sweat dripping, sun burning days spent watching ball.

These girls tagged along to just about every single game.
Make new friends with the other siblings on the teams.

Their favorite was when Maple Lake played Annandale.
Knowing some of the Annandale Teammates and Siblings.

I am pretty sure Avin wished they played Annandale every single game,
so she could hang out with this handsome fella Caden more often!

The Pot Of Gold tournament that Maple Lake held was over fathers day.
They got a picture of the boys with their dads, how sweet!

Grandma and Grandpa Ogilvie got to watch a game.
Its always special to have a few extra cheering fans!

We got a little festive and made some ribbon sandals.
Then it rained and the ribbons did not like that!

Next year we will make some shirts,
I am sure those will last longer!

We always tease about making a sign for Sawyer,
I think next year we need to full fill that little tease.

For the last game of the regular season Maple Lake played Annandale!
They had a home run derby in the big league stadium and just made it a fun time.

There where so many siblings there.
Kids doing gymnastics, playing ball, red rover red rover.
It was nice to hear all the laughs and giggles in the background of the game.

We gave Sawyer the nickname "DQ".
Anytime he hit the ball over the out fielders head,
we treated the kids to Dairy Queen!

He had a few good hits and we ended up at Dairy Queen more often then we needed to.
The kids all enjoyed it and it gave him something to look forward to.

Now we need to work on his confidence and passion for the game,
so when he gets up to bat he tries a little harder and wants to crush that ball. 

Maple Lake ended the season at the State Tournament in Rosemount.
There was 32 teams and we where guaranteed 3 games.

We sadly lost all 3 games and didn't make it on to bracket play,
but the boys played great, hit the ball really well and challenged the 3 teams they played.

We got to stay at a hotel on Friday night.
The kids where excited of course!

Baseball, Pizza Ranch with the team, and swimming to end the night.
We luckily didn't have to pay until 10am on Saturday, 
so the team was well rested.

It was such a fun season of baseball.
We won some, lost more but the kids played well together.

I hope this is the team Sawyer is on next year.
He seemed to enjoy being out on the field.

I know he wanted to pitch this year and never got the chance.
Maybe next year he will speak up and ask for just one chance at pitcher.

He had a few great hits and made a few sweet plays.
Its always fun to see him come in after a great play with a huge grin on his face.
We where sometimes lucky enough to get a high five from him right after that inning.

Sawyer doesn't get overly excited or worked up about much,
so to see excitement on his face is always a great day!

I am a huge fan of sports.
I think they make a great impact on children.
I strongly believe every child should take part in some sort of sport.

I look forward to many more years of cheering him on from the sidelines!  
Nice Season DQ!!

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