Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Little Bit Of Tennis

66 degrees and windy sounds like a great day 
to take the kids to the tennis courts!

Ok we could have done with out the wind,
thats for sure.

It was a little windy but everyone had a fun time!
The kids enjoy hitting the ball and chasing after it!

Bob just wants to play...
he doesn't care about rules!

When you have 4 kids and 1 big kid trying to all play tennis,
you have balls flying all over the place and the wind didn't help!

The kids have been playing tennis at home a lot recently...
I am thinking we will be heading to the courts more often!

They actually had some volleys back and forth, which was great!
We all got pretty excited when that happened.

I am hoping to get Alex if not Alex and Avin a few lessons here
in Annandale before winter comes!

I have some leads thanks to some friends and teachers.
Hopefully they work out so we can continue with tennis lessons close to home. 

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