Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cheer Camp 2015

Planet Spirit is a very well known All Cheer Establishment.
When I was in High School I cheered for an All Star Team called Minnesota All Stars.
I also cheered for my High School my senior year and we practiced at Planet Spirits Facility.  

Over 10 years has come & gone & I still have the best memories of being a competition cheerleader.
The places I traveled, the good shape it kept me in, the trouble it kept me out of!

Last year Avin was too young for cheer camp but this year both 
Alex and Avin could participate together.

It was a NO brainer.  
We were all excited for Cheer Camp!

The girls had a blast on the 1st day of camp.
Asking why it wasn't all day long.
Practicing their cheers & dances all evening.

It loved watching them practice.
Giving them pointers on how to hold a T or High V.
Mini cinnamon roll to Big cinnamon roll.

They have always done little cheers with their friends at home.
Always practicing and making up their own dances.

This was a time where they could meet new people.
Learn a few actual cheers and dances.
Even put on a little performance.

Both girls are in gymnastics now and enjoy it.
But I know Alex would love to just do tumbling.
Which goes perfectly with Cheerleading.

Her gym she is at now doesn't offer just a tumble class.
We may have to start looking else where for ideas of cheer and tumble.
Not just for Alex but for Avin as well.

Wednesday Night came and we were getting ready for Thursday morning.
The girls were told they could Jazz up their shirts, so thats what we did!
Cutting off sleeves, added little ties, took a way to baggy shirt and made it super cute!

The girls got signatures of everyone at the camp on their shirts!
How fun and cool to remember some of the friends they made quickly!

They made / make friends instantly wherever they go.
Alex even has a playdate tomorrow with some sisters from camp!

The girls didn't think I was going to be able to make it to their performance.
So when I walked through the door, Alex did a double take, grabbed Avin and ran up to me!

Those are the best kind of moments you never want to forget.
And theses are the performances and moments I never want to miss.

Their coaches where great!
The girls loved them!

We didn't get a picture with Coach Fred!
Shame on me!

So glad they had fun and enjoyed the week at cheer camp!
Maybe next year something a little more intense at Planet Spirit!

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