Saturday, August 8, 2015

Game Fair 2015

Took the kids to the Game Fair today.
We were lucky to have the rain miss us and the sun stayed away while we were there.

There were so many dogs there.
Yet another year passed, we didn't bring Brinkley! 

The girls show the bows!
they had to watch first before deciding if they wanted to do it.

Sawyer sat out on this one which was a bummer, 
not sure why he wouldn't shoot the bow.

The girls wanted to shoot again.
Its things like this that I wish where free!

 The kids enjoyed one more sling shot game!
They also got a free Laser Shot Game.  

We watched a bunch of the dog trials.
Long jumps and reteriving the birds.

On a cool day I could see sitting around for hours
watching different dogs doing these trials. 


We walked around and spotted as many puppies as we could.
There wasn't a ton, we wish there was more.

I spotted a white lab puppy that you could tell was going to be a massive dog.
He was absolutely adorable and I really wanted to bring him home.

I love the look of the short hair pups.
Bob said no way to those dogs!

We will always hope for overcast and low heat!
Today was just about perfect weather.

I can see us heading out here every year.
A tradition for our family that everyone enjoys.

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