Saturday, September 26, 2015

Severs '15

Our yearly trip to Severs Corn Maze was on a day too hot for Minnesota Fall!
This is the 3rd year in a row we have ventured to Severs and it never disappoints. 

I look forward to fall all year round,
we'd enjoy it even more if the fall activities weren't so expensive.

This year we where joined by my dad, auntie heather, Ceci and Ciro.
It's always nice to add family to our traditions!

The kids had so much fun together,
and its always nice with Papa Dan can join in on the fun.

Between the jumping pillows, hay maze, giant slide, pumpkin guns, pig races, 
wildlife show, petting zoo, food and corn pits... you just can't be bored.

They added a zip line this year...
The girls enjoyed it, though they wished it was longer and higher.

We bought a couple buckets of pumpkins
for the kids to shoot.

They love aiming at the targets, cars and tires...
seeing if they can hit them & watching the pumpkins splatter.

The corn pit was definitely the hit for the day.
Everyone enjoyed it.

The break from the sun in the shade, the cool corn on your feet,
the kids : diving, flipping, swinging, wrestling and jumping into the corn pit.  

We could have let them play there for a good hour...
and had we had more time that day we would have played for much longer.

I just loving seeing those 4 little smiles,
hearing those 4 little giggles!

I love the love that they have for each other.

Was a great afternoon at Severs Corn Maze...
Great but HOT!

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