Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pumpkins ... Pumpkins ... Pumpkins

On Tuesday Night we took the kids to Fairhaven Farms...
The place was empty and the kids roamed free!


Running in and out of the corn maze, checking out the apples
and picking out pumpkins!

It was a beautiful night and we all enjoyed it!
Couldn't ask for much better weather to be out roaming a pumpkin patch!

They each picked out their own pumpkins...
we had to talk them all down from the largest one they could pick up!

When it's 30 cents a pound we don't need them to find a 30 or 40 pound pumpkin!
Plus who wants to clean, carve or paint that large of a pumpkin.

I love these kiddos!
Love making memories with them, love starting traditions with them,
love watching them explore and have a fun time together!  

Most of all I love how much they love each other, 
look out for each other and want to be around each other!

On Thursday when the kids where back over we spent some time 
decorating and carving pumpkins. 

The girls decided they wanted to paint their pumpkins...
I was happy as I have never been one to enjoy carving pumpkins and the mess!

Sawyer and Bob carved Sawyers pumpkin
while we made a mess painting!

Everyone had fun!
A tradition started and one that I hope continues! 

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