Tuesday, May 10, 2016

3rd Grade Concert

 Alex and Sawyer both had their concerts on the same night,
Bob and I had to go our separate ways...

One of the biggest downfalls of blended families,
is not always being able to be together for events like this.

Alex was chosen for a musical instrument piece...
2 kids out of each class got picked...

They even had little try outs..
they had to preform the piece for their teacher before they where chosen.

The end of the year is always so much fun,
but so jam packed with events.

Alex loves to sing so its always fun to go to these concerts,
not only is the singing fun but I love all the actions they put with the words.

Not to mention its always fun seeing the boys and girls
all dressed in their best!

 The music teachers and class room teachers do such a great job
putting this entire event together!

Very Much Appreciated!

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