Friday, May 20, 2016

Como Zoo

I was lucky enough to be able to tag along on Avins Kindergarten 
Field Trip on Friday to the Como Zoo.

It was an absolutely beautiful day.
The zoo was packed with kids.

Every little one in Avins class had a parent along for the day.
We are all lucky we have jobs that allow us time off to make these memories with our children.

It's so fun watching Avin with her friends.
Avin & I got to hang out with her friend Alyssa & her mom all day.
We also spent a lot of time with their friend Hailey & her mom, as well as Max & his mom Stacy.

We bought the girls cotton candy...
We broke the rules, risk takers!

Most met back at the bus to eat lunch.
The girls I think would have rather just stayed there and ran free,
but we gathered them up and headed back to check out the flowers at the conservatory.

I let Avin take my phone and take pictures of the flowers.
She even managed to take a few selfies along the way.

She got some really pretty pictures of the flowers.

I had to get the phone back to get a few more pictures before we 
headed back to the bus to head back to school.

She hated the flowers at first, said it was to hot and she was sweaty,
got an attitude and was all sassy and pouty.

But once she got to take pictures herself,
she was a happy camper again.

We had a very fun day at the zoo.
Beautiful weather, great company,
and the kids running free!

So glad I was able to join in on the fun.

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