Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Track & Field

Fun & Fitness 2016 

This is a day the kids look forward to all year long.
If you ask me, the day isn't long enough.

Only 4 short events and they are done.
I truly wish it was an all day thing, or at least a couple more events.

They ran the 100 meter first, every 3rd grader participated in this event.
Some of the kids faces where so funny and their determination was awesome.

Alex took 1st in her heat.
Maybe one day she will be a runner.

Their second event was a water race...
The cups had a hole in the bottom and each class had to get their buckets filled..

I think Alex team came in 2nd or 3rd...
They all had fun and enjoyed the water in the heat.

The Tug A War is always a favorite for the kids and adults watching...
Everyone is cheering the kids on...
Pull... Pullll... Pulllllll........

Alex class won their first round and lost their second round.
They gave it a their all and had fun while doing it.

Relay Time...
Each class had 2 relay teams...
Boys & Girls...

Alex made it on her classes relay team,
she ran second and did awesome.

Her team didn't finish first,
But they all enjoyed cheering each other on and running.

This is the 2nd year in a row she has made the relay team,
so fun cheering her on each year.

What a fun day....

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